"Men are conquerors and women are sexual; it's fire and water. No man wants to fuck a woman that wants to fuck, because there's nothing to conquer."

"The leading cause of impotency is having sex with the same woman for too many years."

"What we hear, see, and learn is merely information that is accessible to all; how we apply it becomes knowledge."

"Using the word 'try' to describe the results of your actions is another way of saying that you failed."

"Until 1 out of 100 is recognized as a majority when voting on personal choice, 'Democracy' is just the name of the current dictatorial regime."

"Running America is no different than running your home. No one in their right mind would feed the children down the street while their own children starved."

"School only teaches you what is already known and how to walk in the footsteps of others."

"It's one or the other; fuck'em all night or marry'em for the rest of your life . . . leave out that in-between stuff."

"The definition of the word NIGGER is: Someone that calls themselves or others a Nigger."

"The only reason that men fuck for longer than a minute is to outdo every other man that she's been with."

"I'll tell you why doctors and lawyers scare the hell outta me; no matter how long they've been on the job, they still call what they do for a living, 'practice.' "

"There's only a one woman difference between married and buried."

"Every Hollywood rumor you have ever heard is true!"

"Who the hell wants to wait for an airplane in a place called terminal?"

"The definition of racism and sexism is when a W.A.M (White American Male) disagrees with a minority or a woman."

"The oxymoron of them all is: Victimless Crime, considering that the essence of crime is victimization. You cannot enforce consensual behavior. We need a government not a mom. Prohibition leads to condoned anarchy and organized crime. You know how you can tell that a law is wrong? If you have to vote on it. We never voted to criminalize murder, rape, robbery, and mayhem. Laws are self-evident the rest is a medieval crusade. Prostitution and drug use should be preached against in the home, it should be reviled in public service announcements and children should be taught in school about the perils of living that kind of lifestyle, but it should not be legislated against in the courts."

"If your opponent is not standing in front of you during the game it is not a sport, it is a contest."

"Driving drunk is the only offense where you’re arrested because you may commit a crime."

"If you know your limitations, no one else will."

"In fact the Negro race has a legitimate claim for slave reparations, but only from the government that sold them into slavery back in Africa. They need to hunt down the families of those tribal chiefs and demand that they be given back their ancestral mud hut, which is undoubtedly still there just the way their great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents left it."

"In life you will either be the guy she cheats with or the guy she cheats on."

"Intelligence is not measured by the answers you know, but rather by the questions that you ask."

"As a person and a people, there are only 2 disciplines that must be mastered; Manners and self sufficiency. All other qualities are optional."

"If we don’t want the sales of drugs to benefit global terrorists and local gangstas we have to legalize it." (For example, see Prohibition 1921-1933.)

"You never look fatter than when you're sitting and eating."

"The definition of a book editor is: Failed Author."

"Those who can, do. Those who no longer can, teach . . . those who never could become critics."

"Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, A.L.S, Cancer, A.I.D.S, A.L.D, etc . . . are diseases without a cure, tragically inflicted on their victims. Alcoholism and drug addiction are not diseases, because drunks and druggies can cure themselves tomorrow if they quit the sniveling and put down the junk."

"The only reason our country should go to war against another country is when failure to do so will inevitably lead to our destruction."

"All these mental conditions are an outgrowth of society not psychosis. The commercialization of maladies have made them trendy and every American wants one. In countries where they struggle to survive the elements and the political regimes you'll notice that they don't have panic attacks, chemical imbalances, anxiety disorders, stress related syndromes and any of the other 200 psychological conditions that we can afford. The only eating disorder they suffer from is finding food."

"The leading cause of death on planet earth over the last 10,000 years has been religion."

"Caucasians are the only race of people that contemplate their prejudice and it will ultimately be our undoing."

Peace, Love & Stars . . .