potfund warchest

I am a PROPHET Organization . . . (lol)

Felicitations, FRIENDS INDEED . . . I deeply appreciate your PURCHASE of the book and of the ORIGINAL LOGOS I have designed on stylewear and apparel for you in my GIFT SHOP


Now I need to ask you to do all that you can to help support THE CAUSE  and help me survive my quest.  It is important for you to supply my WARCHEST so that I have the essential resources to legally battle the powers-that-be who are using our democracy to illegally deny us our Constitutional rights to choose the personal and consensual vices we wish to indulge in . . . these fuckers are at war with a shrub!!! Which would be hilarious if innocent lives were not being ruined or lost in the siege.


I will also use these funds to reenter the world with a bit of dignity after my lengthy incarcerations so I can cherish the remnants of life before making my next stand from behind bars . . . which will be on 4/20/2012 @ 4:20 p.m. in front of the gates of THE WHITE HOUSE. 


I am willing to sacrifice my freedom, risk my safety, and lose my peace of mind to demand that we be granted our inalienable right to pursue the happiness that only comes from smoking THE HERB . . . But I can't go it alone without your support.

    If you can't stand beside me then please stand behind me so that I can pave the way to social liberation . . . let me be the first pebble. This is what your purchases and contributions sponsor and I will see to it that your money is well spent or you can demand a refund. I just need you to give me a fighting chance to make a difference. If you can't make me your project, please, at least, make me your hobby.

For those who believe that this is a publicity stunt to promote the book, you can go to my BLOG or see in the newscasts at the time of my July 09 arrrest that I had these intentions long before I wrote this important protest book that gives you an inside understanding of what we are facing and also how much fun it has been to be a POT smoking Hedonist for thirty odd years and counting!

I solemnly swear this before the ages . . . I will go to the jailhouse on every 4/20 in my lifetime until THE HERB is free to bloom and we have the liberty to partake as consenting adults. So with my: "NO BAIL! NO DEAL! TAKE ME TO TRIAL!" battle strategy, I could spend more than half of the rest of my life in JAIL. From my deathbed I shall be wheeled to the nearest courthouse steps so that with my dying breath I can be arrested for PUFFIN' TUFF! This is my pledge to you, so help me TOMMY CHONG!


Your consideration allows me to make this kind of commitment . . . and enjoy some quality of life in between trips to jail and perhaps prison every year of my sacred life.


You have my gratitude and my dedication. THORNE P.S. . . . Only if you please choose to SUPPORT ME! TKPTMP

"Hey FRIENDS INDEED! Before we take our next TOKE, let's take care of THE KINGPIN who is giving up his freedom to fight for our liberty."  ---Muck Sticky, Musical Activist fighting THE WAR FOR WEED with the power of music!