Hey now,

So, even if no one buys my books, my products or contributes to my SUPPORT page and I am a homeless vagabond, I swear on a CHONG BONG that every last dime of this fund will go into purchasing THE HERB. And after so long in fucking JAIL I will need bales. I want to shout out "Throw another key into the fireplace!" at my homecoming party. With your help I will not have to wait to get out of fucking JAIL to score. POT is way expensive at 201 Poplar so be KIND. (lol)

Please choose from the selections below and hook me up . . . and remember that POT goes up in smoke pretty quick so keep me in the rotation. When you're scoring one think of me.

WEED LOVE PEACE . . . but they won't leave us alone.

potfund warchest