All These Years of Tears

All these years of tears have not begun to express

The pain I felt inside the day you were laid to rest

The most beautiful part of my world was taken away

And has remained an empty place since that rainy August day

How fortunate the whole world shared in my grief;

It was a universal mourning beyond belief

Those unbearable days have become unending years;

Which is far too long for you not to hear our cheers.

The love that is offered to the heavens in your name;

The millions who have stood and cried at your grave;

Offers proof your childhood dream came true---

There has never been another that comes close to you.

The mystery train that departed that long ago depot;

Still rides the rails no other artist can go.

So deep and abiding remains your fandom

That it is difficult for outsiders to fathom.

We have learned to forgive what they say about us;

How sad it is for those who don’t love Elvis.

You left us once before when they sent you to Wiesbaden;

You were gone then too, but never forgotten.

How many times they have conspired to end our love

Ed Sullivan, the Army, Albert Goldman; what were they thinking of?

Nobody has ever come between "The King" and his royal subjects

Through every vicious, slanderous attack, we have coalesced.

The smile, the concerts, the books, the movies, the songs;

Are what gets us through this tragedy, and keeps us strong.

We have brought about your resurrection; you’ve been born again;

There will be plenty of love for you in the generations ahead.Out there in the dawn there’s a beckoning candle--- your eternal flame

That burns brightly in our hearts each time we chant your name . . .