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This is how the story reads . . .

Thorne Peters, known as "The Kingpin", is a self styled Prophet/Advocate fighting
a Possession for Sales of Cannabis case to end all Prohibition charges as a human rights
violation, using the legal element “no mens rea” (the guilty mind) to prove that no crime
was committed by those smoking, dealing and/or growing Pot. “I am the law!” Peters
boldly stated in Court, on July 20, 2017, to Judge Paula Skahan (the first openly Gay
judge in TN history). “Only the individual can decide what is lawful and unlawful!”
When Peters admonished her Honor for smirking, Skahan replied: “I’m not smirking;
I’m trying not tot laugh.”In order to put legislation on trial, Peters has spent 9 years
taunting local authorities to arrest him by flaunting his use of Cannabis---from operating
a "420 Friendly Nightclub," from 2008-09 where he freely smoked with patrons; to smoking
Pot from an apple at the Memphis courthouse on April 20, 2011 (International Smokers Day);
to posting prices on Facebook for Pot he was dealing, (tagging local law enforcement officials)
for over a year, in 2014/15; and going so far as to make YouTube videos where he waves up
to 8lbs of Cannabis, while discussing the issues surrounding Prohibition, which he likens to
Slavery, Jim Crow, Gay Bashing and all other instances where charges based on criminal
codes and political policies are leveled by the State without an accuser. “Prohibition cases
are Witch Trials with spectral evidence,” Peters asserts. “I am Rosa Parks sitting at the
front of the bus; ‘Loving v. Virginia’; gay marriage . . . I am ‘Lord of the Atheists.’ ”
Since December 2008, Peters has been arrested on multiple felony charges for
drug-trafficking, public nuisance, sales of drugs & Pot, disorderly conduct and firearms.
So far Peters has been convicted twice for simple possession of Pot; he still has a gun and
Pot dealing charge pending. “The sheriff and the DA came out to my club to call me a drug
trafficker on the news over what they claimed was a $65 drug buy between my bartender
and their C.I, when I wasn’t even there,” Peters details. “They were so proud of their 9
month-long sting that they brought out the news crew for a show where they put blood
pressure medicine, period pills  blunt roaches and a crackpipe in the shot for effect.”
Peters turned down a 30-day deal and remained in jail to face charges carrying 15 years
at trial. “On the day we were to pick the jury, the drug case was dropped for lack of
evidence.” The State then proceeded to jury trial for misdemeanor Possession of Pot
carrying 11/29 maximum . . . Peters had 19 months credit. “They went forward with trial
to protect their political bacon from a lawsuit, “ Peters believes. The jury found him guilty
of Possession of Pot that the State admitted he was not in possession of. “My swap meet
jury found me guilty of 'conceptual' Possession of Pot. . . in essence, de facto," Peters
denounces.  Since the moment of his arrest to begin this saga---as the media questioned
him at his club as he was hauled off to jail; in his book, “Puffin Tuff”, written while
in jail; through his current case, where he represents himself---Peters maintains
that he is the victim of public corruption.“Every time I tell them to arrest me for
Cannabis and beg them not to take out innocent bystanders, they come rolling in,
blasting away, then charge me with crimes that they have no evidence of crush anyone
standing near me.” In the drug trafficking case of 2009, his bartender, Sherry Hassen,
was also arrested and faced 15 years; she demanded a jury trial to clear her name.
“Miss Sherry did not appreciate being dragged out in from of the cameras for the
‘perp walk’ on a ‘Breaking News Flash’ to the shock of her family.” In Peters’
current case, from a February 3, 2015 arrest for sales of Pot and possession of guns,
his dog, Muggles, was shot in the face by officers and lost an eye.”In their report
it read I was ‘taken without incident’ . . . I guess they don’t count shooting a puppy
as an incident,” Peters laments.In spite of what would seem to be ironclad evidence
against Peters, since he openly admits that he was a Pot dealer every time he goes to
court, the case has dragged on for 30 months. For the second time in this case alone,
a judge has declared a “conflict of interest” and sent the matter to another Court.
“This has been their pattern,” Peters charges. “Each time I make it clear that the
evidence and testimony I have against the highest elected and appointed officials
as well as their officers proves public corruption they tank the case and/or create
new charges that they later drop for lack of evidence.” Days before the
July 31, 2017 trial date, Skahan and A.D.A. Pamela Stark recused themselves over
a picture the State claims was found on a confiscated thumbdrive when Peters was
arrested. “The judge took the time to look at a picture she knew would force a
conflict of interest, so they could duck a case that will free humanity from
Prohibition, put ‘The Evil Empire’ out of business, and have
‘The Ministerz of Injustice’ arrested for Public Corruption,” Peters
accuses. “A picture so damning that I was not arrested on the spot . . . I
can only imagine what dirt they have cooked up this time.”Peters says he is not
going to file any motions to dismiss based on the malfeasance he claims has
victimized him. “This case is about the freedom of humanity; not the derelict,
incompetent corruption of this court, these cops and that D.A.” Peters is next
scheduled for a report date on September 13, 2017, where he believes they will
remand him without arrest. “They watch videos of me allegedly toking Pot
without arresting me; they have raised my bail once and have threatened to
remand me for my ‘ongoing criminal activity’, which makes my case for
‘no mens rea’,” Peters reasons, “because if I was committing a crime on
video they would arrest me.”
Stay tuned for what is guaranteed to be an epic court clash . . .