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iCare food gifts

THE KINGPIN is currently incarcerated in his fight against THE EVIL EMPIRE and PROHIBITION.  He needs all his wits to defeat them, which is hard to do on an empty stomach and a malnutritioned brain.  This is because THE KINGPIN is on the 201 Poplar jail diet, which consists of the most detestable food known to man and seems to be only meant to keep a person alive rather than providing them with mental and physical fuel.  Docility seems to be most important to those in power in the correctional facilities.  Please help combat this disgusting diet and give THE KINGPIN a fighting chance by sending him real food from iCare gifts.  THE KINGPIN thanks you dearly!

To send THE KINGPIN an iCare gift of food, please follow these directions:

1.  Go to www.icaregifts.com

2.  (MOST IMPORTANT STEP)  In order to locate the correctional facility where the gifts will be sent to and to see what gifts are available to that specific facility, type in the corresponding county in which it is located.  In this case, type Shelby County.  "Shelby County" will usually present itself (after a few seconds) in the search window's drop-down menu after typing "Shelby" (without the quotes).  Then select "Shelby County" from the drop down menu in the search bar.

3.  Click the icon "Burgers 'N More" on the left of the screen.

4.  THE KINGPIN prefers the Double Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger and Chicken Ceasar Salad; both appear on the first page under "Burgers N' More".  Click on either, or both if you feel so inclined.

5.  In this example, the Double Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger has been selected.  The next step is to click the grey button that reads "Find an inmate".

6.  The following screen will appear after clicking "Find an inmate".  Type in "Peters" (without the quotes), then hit search.

7.  The following screen will appear.  Click "Select and Add" next to Thorne Peters' name and inmate number (which is 18107137).

8.  Once you've selected & assigned an inmate (Thorne Peters, in this case), you will be brought back to the following screen.  Here you will click the grey button "add to cart", which is located slightly further down the page.  You may also select a different quantity to send, if you so choose.  The default selection is always 1.  

9.  This pop-up window will appear.  If you wish to add more items, click "continue shopping".  If you are done and wish to pay & complete your order, click "proceed to checkout".  For this example, we will select "Proceed to checkout".

10.  You will be presented with the following screen, which lists your selected food gifts.  If everything is correct, click "proceed to checkout", once again.

11.  The following screen prompts you to either use the guest checkout or to login; if you have signed up for an account.  If you have no account, simply click the grey button "guest checkout" located near the bottom-right of the screen, and note that a credit/debit card will be required.  Signing up for an iCare account doesn't seem to be required.

12.  The following window appears, to prompt you for your credit/debit card information.  

13.  One, final window appears to confirm your order.  If everything is correct, click the grey button near the bottom-right that reads "Submit my order".

14.  Your order number & confirmation will then appear; like this.  Make note of the order number.

15.  THE KINGPIN will soon be well-nourished ; thwarting the EVIL EMPIRE'S plan to weaken him.  
He will now be mentally and physically ready and able to continue to defend himself in court,
which defends anyone
ever arrested for a prohibition charge... all thanks to you!